Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Emergency Broadband in a backpack

In the aftermath of a disaster, any connection to the outside world can be life-saving.

A BBC report interviewed Radio Amateur Mike Outmesguine KG6NHH on recent developments in emergency broadband communications

The BBC news item says that Mike Outmesguine, KG6NHH, has demonstrated an easy way to produce a "Network Relief Kit" - an ultra-portable method of connecting to the internet from almost any location in the world. The entire kit can be carried in a back-pack, and offers a fast enough connection to watch videos on YouTube.

In 2003-2004 the equipment cost some $40,000 but these days the whole kit, including the solar panel, is down to around $3,000.

The system works by connecting to one of three satellites orbiting the earth to get an internet connection. The receiver can then be plugged in, using ethernet cables, to a standard router, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone or similar devices.

Read the full BBC report at

BBC Digital Planet radio interview with Radio Amateur Mike Outmesguine KG6NHH

Radio Amateur Mike D. Outmesguine KG6NHH is president and founder of TransStellar, Inc., a successful technology services company with an emphasis on wireless mobility and energy information systems.

TransStellar, Inc.

Radio Amateurs have been pioneering the use of VoIP on HF, see