Friday, September 7, 2007

It all started 30 years ago today

On September 7, 1977 I used a computer for the first time and wrote my very first program. It was my first day of High School. A friend of mine was taking "Intro to Computers" and wanted to show me what it could do. I didn't have any interest, but he really wanted to show me what he had learned, so I went to the computer room. I don't remember exactly what he showed me, but I do remember my first program:

30 END

When I typed in the command "RUN", this is what I got:


I was hooked! I then spent a lot of my time after school learning BASIC on a DEC PDP/8e using a noisy and slow ASR-33 Teletypes. The photo on the top is the ASR-33 Teletype and the other is a similar looking PDP-8/e that my school used. The teletypes only printed in UPPERCASE and at 10 characters per second, which was painfully slow. But I didn't care as I was in nerdvana!